Tap into your potential with
Augmented Reality.

Novastack Inc.
Elegant / Unique design

Break plateauing trends and audience expectations by embracing a new plaform for your visual and marketing content.

Market longevity

We will develop a product that is ready for market at any scale any time, with a unique cloud architecture for your solution.

Make it Simple

Less is more with Augmented reality. However, focused effort in the right space will drive big impact and maximise engagement.

True Responsiveness

We build for platforms your clients already have. We understand that accessibility is key for interaction and convertion.

Target your audience

With each unique business comes a different solution. We help you build the right experience for your audience.

Advanced Options

Don’t fall behind by staying ahead. As an early adopter, you are developing a future proof infrastructure for your enterprise.

Custom interactive experiences for your business
The What & How of Augmented Reality

"AR can work in several different ways and is used for many different reasons, but in most cases AR virtual objects are overlaid on and tracked in a view of the real world, creating the illusion that they occupy the same space." 2018 by Tim Fisher published on LIFEWIRE

AR as a Tool

Extend the life of digital content by adding real time interaction.

AR as a compliment

Pack more into your punch with multiple layers of content.

We are delivering beautiful digital products for you
  • Unlimited power and space with trusted cloud platforms
  • Superb analytics with intimate insights on client behaviour
  • Secure your database content with the power of AWS or IBM Bluemix
  • Present your services with flexible, modern and multipurpose
  • Maximise your creative by supercharging your engagement potential
How we grew IBM's trade show engagement by +300%

The IBM Innovation Forum is IBM Canada's biggest conference for their cloud ecosystem. It features several diverse industry experts who share and educate attendees on how cloud is powering their work. Our goal was to drive awareness through innovation and ultimately App downloads and sign-ups.

Explore the App

How can we help your industry?

We’re seeing the rise of the next great technology for sharing visual knowledge: augmented reality." CLIVE THOMPSON published on WIRED

  • Real estate - Bring floorplans to life with real time 3D architecture
  • Tradeshows - Supplement your presentation with interactive spaces
  • Training and Education - Create simulations for better training
  • Classroom Education - Superimpose 3D content on textbooks
  • Medical Training - Dive into the anatomy of any species
  • Retail DIY - Empower your customers to build better alone
Why work with us?
Our collective is comprised of experts from award winning companies.
AR Digital Branding

We can help you find the precise message to clearly speak to who you are as a company.

Purpose in Interaction

AR implementation is great, but each creative has a clearly defined conversion goal.

Graphic Design

We interlace our creative with solid marketing and branding principles. A strong brand.

What you get


Creative Director






Powerful options

Web & mobile

Host & build

Cloud infrastructure

Pack more for less

Multilayered marketing

User experience

Higher Conversion